Number choice

When ordering a phone number, 150 bonus points will be added to your account, which can be used to obtain communication services or a package of services according to the tariff plan.

How use the service:

  • Choose your preferred number.

  • Choose the type of SIM card (SIM or eSIM) for your new number.

  • Place an order by providing your details.

  • After placing the order, you will receive an SMS with a reservation code. If you ordered eSIM, a QR code with the chosen number will be sent to the email you provided. Please note that the number you have chosen will be reserved for 72 hours. During this time, you need to activate the number, otherwise, it will become available to other users.

  • Choose how to activate the number.


If you choose a number with activation via eSIM, a QR code with the relevant number will be sent to your email address.

In the lifecell store

  1. Visit lifecell store and provide the consultant with a reservation code from SMS. To find the nearest stores dial 545 (for lifecell subscribers).

  2. Pay for a SIM card 100 UAH (all taxes and charges included).

  3. Pay for the chosen number. The cost is indicated in the Number Choice form, it depends on the category.

On your own at lifecell website

  1. Purchase any starter pack, but do not activate it.

  2. Use the number change service.

  3. In the number change form, enter the number of the purchased starter pack, as well as PIN and PUK codes (under protective cover).

  4. Follow the prompts and activate your new number.